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RF-RedStar - private server RF Online GU x1
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Server Description / Concept

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Powerful server equipment
Protection against DDOS attacks
Round-the-clock work 7/24/365
Technical support

Basic moments:

Low rates x1 (2);
Qualitative assembly;
Reliability and stability of the server;
Minimal Shop, which does not affect the balance of power in the game;
Balanced economy with periodic regulation;
Main information about the server:

Server - Grand Update (GU)

- The maximum level is 55
- Printouts included
- Rites without prema (with a pre):
- The experiment x1 (x2)
- Drop x1 (x2)
- Animems x3 (x6)
- PT, Skill x1 (x2)
The lamp is not in the first week.
- Access to the entrance to 2 windows is open!
- ZoomHack is enabled in the client
- Working auction in the game
- Mail is off
- Quest for 35 int armor is included (take it to 30Lvl)
- Increased speed of matching loot x2
- Increased the radius of the character's view
- Increased the duration of the prof. buffs to 1080 seconds
- Added his level to the name of each monster
- Added to the names of turrets their level
- During Fri percentage of chips visible to all players
- Crystal beams can be transmitted
- Scarlet stones can be transferred
- All banks of HP / FP / SP up to 3000 are sold in the General Staff
- All 30+ precipitations are sold at the General Staff of Akretov
- Siege sets are added to the trader on K1
- Support lamp no longer costs FP / SP
- In quests on "trophies" count each mob
- Costume jewelery from quests on Shute and Scarabee is transferable
- You can now buy the keys to the Lowlevel Dungey right from the Guardian of the Gate
- Prices for rainfall and number of grenades / cartridges in the NPS have been adjusted
- ILLUSTRATION of spontaneous bijouterie of different races
- Generators and medallions work for 1pc (sold only by npc in the game)
- The damage to the Guardians in Kragovy Mines is optimized automatically for the current average level of characters on the server.
- DRS can be thrown out
- The size of chips is reduced by 2 times
- For the installation of turrets, a special resource is required, sold at the General Staff from Snabzhenets for the racial currency
- Turrets 40 and 45 ur sold at the Hero in the General Staff
- The formula of the crafting of the C-class armor is: 10 scarlet stones, 10 properties, 20 pieces of purple shavings, purple shavings type-C, INT shoe (shield) at least +1 (up to 5), the chance of success is default.
- Formula for crafting the sharpening stones:
20 stones m1 + 2 blue stones = 10 stones m2
20 stones m2 + 5 blue stones = 10 stones m3
20 stones of m3 + 8 crimson stones = 10 stones of m4
20 stones of m4 + 16 crimson stones = 5 stones of t5
- Current crafting profession (the chance of crafting is raised)
- Actual Mau and Animus
- Number of grids for MAU type "Goliath" = 5
- Removed all NPCs selling INT weapons and armor
- Premium items removed
- Removed experience from quests
- The function of resetting prof's hero is included, 3 times for free.
- The combination of "talik" + catalyst "in the hero is disabled
- There are no cross-classes (crosses for tanks and pilots of the Mau)
- TYPE A Machine guns 35lvl on CRETE have been added to NPC "Weaponsmith"
- 45 arhs sets have been reworked, bonuses of 50x slightly changed
- Equal damage from axes and clubs with two-handed swords
- Changed awards for the first and second professions
- The accretes are increased by the loss of missile armor and launchers in the GS to level 29
- Healing Garnet Heals 15% of the target's HP.
- Worker's def and verse protection, Sharpening and spontaneous infirmity are actual

- For punishers, berserkers, the action time of the footboard is increased

- In the professional buff attacking shooters added critical units (in all races, including the dementor)

- Specials added a GA db skill and skill to lower the Gouge of Def.

- The penalty of the punisher - the damage is increased to the level of GA + 15%. The wound is strengthened, the effect: Damage of 1250 HP every 2.5 seconds

- Skill barbarian - strengthened by damage to GA skill

- Leon's machine guns have positive / negative properties similar to bows

- The duration of the ballistic missile debuff The Rocket Bulk Bullet is increased to 20 sec. (reduces dodge)

- Minor damage corrected

- Corrected damage of turrets

- Increased the drop of INT weapons and armor from the mobs, the crafts increased the chance of creating items
- Working def, sharpening starting from +4 becomes tangible
- Reclassified related classes
- Reward for the taken FV 2.5kk and 5000 OS
When creating a character, you get:
- 5 bags
- 99 pcs. cans of HP 500 and 1000
- 99 pcs. banks FP 250 and 500
- 99 pcs. cans SP 400
- 99 pcs. teleport to GSH
- 99 pcs. teleport to Avanpost \ Port
- To all classes of 500strel
- Weapons of the insurgent class = INT weapon level 5
- The magicians are given 4 attacking solitary magicians of the disciple
Created a nice server, for real connoisseurs of RF online, a certain classic with their chips.

[IMPORTANT] Detailed guides:

Come to us and play! We are waiting for you!

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