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RF-RedStar - private server RF Online GU x1
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Useful links / Registration / How to connect / Guide

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1. Register your account: https://rf-redstar.com/auth/register
2. Login to your account on the site (donate): https://rf-redstar.com/auth/login
3. Download client files: https://rf-redstar.com/files
4. Server rules: https://rf-redstar.com/files
5. Vote for server: https://rf-redstar.com/vote-for-server


To start the game on our server, you need to register an account, confirm it by e-mail on a special link in the letter. If you do not receive the link in the letter within 3 hours after registration, you need to write a letter from the registered mail at support@rf-redstar.com with the request to manually activate the account.

You can download the client for playing on our server in one of the following ways:

1. Torrent (direct link) http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_COM.torrent

2. Archive with the game (direct link): http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_COM.zip

We recommend to start the game with the help of the updater: RF_RedStar_Updater.exe, in it press the Start button
The login launcher is the following: RF_RedStar_Launcher.exe

Important points:
1. Please note that the password can be from 8 to 12 characters in length.
2. Our server can be accessed only with the help of our launcher.
3. You can enter the game only from an unbilled account, confirmed by mail
4. To start the game you should have speakers or headphones turned on, or the sound in the launcher settings is turned off (by default, the sound is turned on)

If you have an existing RF Online client version, then you can update it with a separate updater, unpacking it to the root of the client. After that, run the update: RF_RedStar_Updater.exe, then Check Files, then Start

Download the update (direct link): http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_Updater.zip

If for some reason you do not have the option to start the update or the update in the updater is not available, you can always unpack the current patch of our client for version

Link to the patch (direct link): http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_client_patch.zip

We strongly recommend NOT updating any other versions of RF Online's customers and we recommend that you download our client completely to avoid errors.

In case of problems with starting the game or entering the game world, you should contact support by any of the following ways:

1. By e-mail: support@rf-redstar.com

2. In the appropriate section on the forum

3. In the Personal Messages page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RF-RedStar-private-Game-Server-RF-Online-2232-GU-366044393860799/

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