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  1. Paypal

    Date: February 12, 2018 Dear players! Donate through the payment system is again available to players. Regards, RF-RedStar Administration
  2. Dear players! I wish you a Happy New Year, That there was happiness at the gate, For the magic to reign, What a fairy tale for children is given! So that the Dog guarded you correctly And a whole year he accompanied, To lead only a better path, Where happiness, joy and peace, Where the fairy tale wanders without fear, Where Santa Claus, Snegurka, Prince, Deer of wondrous beauty, Where dreams come true! Regards, RF-RedStar Administration
  3. ERRORS GUIDE 1. Wrong name of password Check that you activated the account by email, that your account is not blocked and that you enter your login and password in the lower case 2. Unable to write ... If you have an error like "Unable to write ...", then try the following: Move the folder with the game to the root of another computer drive (name the folder RF_RedStar, without extra characters in the folder name) (for example, drive D or E, as you have it), right-click to uncheck "Read Only," then run the blue update (RF_RedStar_Updater.exe) from the Administrator
  4. Dear players! The server was successfully started! 24/12/2017 17:00 UTC +0000 Go to the game We remind you that you can make donations through your personal account on the site Login to your account: https://rf-redstar.com/auth/login Donate: https://rf-redstar.com/dashboard/payments/new Sincerely, Administration of the server
  5. USEFUL LINKS: 1. Register your account: https://rf-redstar.com/auth/register 2. Login to your account on the site (donate): https://rf-redstar.com/auth/login 3. Download client files: https://rf-redstar.com/files 4. Server rules: https://rf-redstar.com/files 5. Vote for server: https://rf-redstar.com/vote-for-server CLIENT FILES / LINKS To start the game on our server, you need to register an account, confirm it by e-mail on a special link in the letter. If you do not receive the link in the letter within 3 hours after registration, you need to write a letter from the registered mail at support@rf-redstar.com with the request to manually activate the account. You can download the client for playing on our server in one of the following ways: 1. Torrent (direct link) http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_COM.torrent 2. Archive with the game (direct link): http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_COM.zip We recommend to start the game with the help of the updater: RF_RedStar_Updater.exe, in it press the Start button The login launcher is the following: RF_RedStar_Launcher.exe Important points: 1. Please note that the password can be from 8 to 12 characters in length. 2. Our server can be accessed only with the help of our launcher. 3. You can enter the game only from an unbilled account, confirmed by mail 4. To start the game you should have speakers or headphones turned on, or the sound in the launcher settings is turned off (by default, the sound is turned on) If you have an existing RF Online client version, then you can update it with a separate updater, unpacking it to the root of the client. After that, run the update: RF_RedStar_Updater.exe, then Check Files, then Start Download the update (direct link): http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_Updater.zip If for some reason you do not have the option to start the update or the update in the updater is not available, you can always unpack the current patch of our client for version Link to the patch (direct link): http://files.rf-redstar.com/RF_RedStar_client_patch.zip We strongly recommend NOT updating any other versions of RF Online's customers and we recommend that you download our client completely to avoid errors. In case of problems with starting the game or entering the game world, you should contact support by any of the following ways: 1. By e-mail: support@rf-redstar.com 2. In the appropriate section on the forum 3. In the Personal Messages page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RF-RedStar-private-Game-Server-RF-Online-2232-GU-366044393860799/
  6. Dear players! 3 hours before the start 24/12/2017 17:00 UTC +0000, will be made wipe characters (not accounts) Registration on the server is available: https://rf-redstar.com/auth/register Accepting donations already works through Paypal, refill the balance in advance! You can make a donation in your account at the following link: https://rf-redstar.com/dashboard/payments/new Sincerely, Administration of the server
  7. Equipment: Powerful server equipment Protection against DDOS attacks Round-the-clock work 7/24/365 Technical support Basic moments: Low rates x1 (2); Qualitative assembly; Reliability and stability of the server; Minimal Shop, which does not affect the balance of power in the game; Balanced economy with periodic regulation; Main information about the server: Server - Grand Update (GU) - The maximum level is 55 - Printouts included - Rites without prema (with a pre): - The experiment x1 (x2) - Drop x1 (x2) - Animems x3 (x6) - PT, Skill x1 (x2) The lamp is not in the first week. - Access to the entrance to 2 windows is open! - ZoomHack is enabled in the client - Working auction in the game - Mail is off - Quest for 35 int armor is included (take it to 30Lvl) - Increased speed of matching loot x2 - Increased the radius of the character's view - Increased the duration of the prof. buffs to 1080 seconds - Added his level to the name of each monster - Added to the names of turrets their level - During Fri percentage of chips visible to all players - Crystal beams can be transmitted - Scarlet stones can be transferred - All banks of HP / FP / SP up to 3000 are sold in the General Staff - All 30+ precipitations are sold at the General Staff of Akretov - Siege sets are added to the trader on K1 - Support lamp no longer costs FP / SP - In quests on "trophies" count each mob - Costume jewelery from quests on Shute and Scarabee is transferable - You can now buy the keys to the Lowlevel Dungey right from the Guardian of the Gate - Prices for rainfall and number of grenades / cartridges in the NPS have been adjusted - ILLUSTRATION of spontaneous bijouterie of different races - Generators and medallions work for 1pc (sold only by npc in the game) - The damage to the Guardians in Kragovy Mines is optimized automatically for the current average level of characters on the server. - DRS can be thrown out - The size of chips is reduced by 2 times - For the installation of turrets, a special resource is required, sold at the General Staff from Snabzhenets for the racial currency - Turrets 40 and 45 ur sold at the Hero in the General Staff - The formula of the crafting of the C-class armor is: 10 scarlet stones, 10 properties, 20 pieces of purple shavings, purple shavings type-C, INT shoe (shield) at least +1 (up to 5), the chance of success is default. - Formula for crafting the sharpening stones: 20 stones m1 + 2 blue stones = 10 stones m2 20 stones m2 + 5 blue stones = 10 stones m3 20 stones of m3 + 8 crimson stones = 10 stones of m4 20 stones of m4 + 16 crimson stones = 5 stones of t5 - Current crafting profession (the chance of crafting is raised) - Actual Mau and Animus - Number of grids for MAU type "Goliath" = 5 - Removed all NPCs selling INT weapons and armor - Premium items removed - Removed experience from quests - The function of resetting prof's hero is included, 3 times for free. - The combination of "talik" + catalyst "in the hero is disabled - There are no cross-classes (crosses for tanks and pilots of the Mau) - TYPE A Machine guns 35lvl on CRETE have been added to NPC "Weaponsmith" - 45 arhs sets have been reworked, bonuses of 50x slightly changed - Equal damage from axes and clubs with two-handed swords - Changed awards for the first and second professions - The accretes are increased by the loss of missile armor and launchers in the GS to level 29 - Healing Garnet Heals 15% of the target's HP. - Worker's def and verse protection, Sharpening and spontaneous infirmity are actual - For punishers, berserkers, the action time of the footboard is increased - In the professional buff attacking shooters added critical units (in all races, including the dementor) - Specials added a GA db skill and skill to lower the Gouge of Def. - The penalty of the punisher - the damage is increased to the level of GA + 15%. The wound is strengthened, the effect: Damage of 1250 HP every 2.5 seconds - Skill barbarian - strengthened by damage to GA skill - Leon's machine guns have positive / negative properties similar to bows - The duration of the ballistic missile debuff The Rocket Bulk Bullet is increased to 20 sec. (reduces dodge) - Minor damage corrected - Corrected damage of turrets - Increased the drop of INT weapons and armor from the mobs, the crafts increased the chance of creating items - Working def, sharpening starting from +4 becomes tangible - Reclassified related classes - Reward for the taken FV 2.5kk and 5000 OS When creating a character, you get: - 5 bags - 99 pcs. cans of HP 500 and 1000 - 99 pcs. banks FP 250 and 500 - 99 pcs. cans SP 400 - 99 pcs. teleport to GSH - 99 pcs. teleport to Avanpost \ Port - To all classes of 500strel - Weapons of the insurgent class = INT weapon level 5 - The magicians are given 4 attacking solitary magicians of the disciple Created a nice server, for real connoisseurs of RF online, a certain classic with their chips. [IMPORTANT] Detailed guides: LINK Come to us and play! We are waiting for you!
  8. Game server rules

    The rules apply to all participants in our project. 1. The Administration reserves the right to make any changes on the server without prior notice to the players. 2. The administration is not responsible for the temporary or permanent inability to play on the server by a specific person or group of persons. 3. The Administration may at any time, without giving reasons, stop granting access to the server to a particular user or subnet as a whole. 4. The administration is not obligated and does not deal with the return of things, accounts, characters or their parameters, lost by the players for any possible reason. 5. Responsibility is borne by the owner of the account, regardless of who acted under this account. 6. The administration has the right to refuse to provide premium services to any user of the project without explaining the reasons. 7. The administration reserves the right not to respond to recurring questions from users, if answers to them have already been given. 8. Any appeal to the Administration should contain a clear statement of the player's problem or a question regarding the operation of this server. The server administration reserves the right not to answer questions. 9. Disrespect to Server Administration is not allowed. 10. Threats, requests to give something, to the Administration of the server are prohibited. 11. It is forbidden to interfere with the work of the Administration or GM. 12. It is prohibited to wrangle with the Administration, GM and challenge their actions. 13. It is forbidden to mislead other players, appearing as the Administration. 14. It is prohibited to publish interviews with the Administration or their contents without prior approval. 15. It is forbidden to spread rumors, slander about the server, players, Administration. 16. It is forbidden to use programs that emulate the presence of a player in the game or that interfere with the normal functioning of the server software. By such means programs that change the client or replace it, and change or facilitate the gameplay is not gaming methods. 17. Unauthorized access to someone else's game account is prohibited. 18. Threats in any manifestation towards the players are prohibited. 19. Any financial activity (buying and selling) of players associated with real money and virtual money units equated to real money is prohibited. The sale and purchase of accounts is prohibited in any form: for any virtual and real values. 20. It is forbidden to discuss and mention the sale and / or purchase for real money, as well as the equivalent "electronic payment means" (WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc.), game items (dalants, weapons, armor, resources and etc.). 21. It is forbidden explicitly or implicitly to advertise other online games, explicitly or implicitly advertise other game resources. 22. It is forbidden to use any server errors (bug). 23. If you find a new bug, report this to the Server Administration in the LAN on the forum. 24. It is forbidden to buy / sell "votes". 25. The "overflow" of the OS is forbidden. 26. It is strictly forbidden to use obscene language and insult players both in the game and on the forum. 27. Use of the Administration nicknames is strictly prohibited. 28. It is forbidden to impersonate the Administration. 29. It is strictly forbidden to use obscene expressions and their semantic analogues in the chat. 30. Flood in the sections of the forum, which do not imply off-topic communication, are punished. 31. It is prohibited to duplicate / create themes of the same type in the various sections of the forum. 32. It is forbidden to recreate the topic if it was deleted by GM, Administrator. 33. It is prohibited to disclose personal information of a user without his consent. This also includes public information found on the Internet. 34. Kill games (PCs) on the server is allowed. 35. Trade is carried out directly by the players themselves and any mistakes made by the participants in the trade relations remain on their conscience, except when using game bugs. 36. The administration does not participate in the game disassembly of players, except in cases of violation of the rules. 37. Does not produce a return of things. 38. Administration has the right to change server elements (balance, skills, items, etc.), as well as these rules without prior notification 39. GameMaster (further - GM), can answer questions of players. 40. The GM has the right to be in any location both in the invoice and without it. 41. The GM may put a player suspected of violating the rules on autocock until the circumstances become clear. 42. The GM has the right to monitor all aspects of the game process (PvP, PC), both in the invoice and without it. 43. The GM has the right to respond to players' questions in the system chat (visible to all races) and schedules, and also write to the system chat and calculate any messages that do not violate server rules. 44. Responsibility is always borne by the owner of the account, regardless of who acted under this account. 45. The following types of punishment are provided: account blocking or deletion
  9. SERVER OPEN DATE: 24-12-2017

    Dear players! The server will be open 24.12.2017 17:00 UTC +0000, will be made wipe characters (not accounts) Registration on the server is available: https://rf-redstar.com/auth/register Download the client at: https://rf-redstar.com/files Regards, RF-RedStar Administration
  10. Dear players! Starting 16.12.2017, we announce the launch of the open beta testing of the server. OBT will last 1 week, after which there will be wipe gaming characters (but not accounts) and opening the server. Registration on the site is already working: https://rf-redstar.com/auth/register Download the client at: https://rf-redstar.com/files Regards, RF-RedStar Administration
  11. Date of CBT

    Since December 2, 2017, announced the CBT (Closed Beta Testing) of the game server RF-RedStar.
  12. The official website of the game server RF-RedStar was successfully launched. Website address: https://rf-redstar.com
  13. Getting Started on the Server RF-RedStar.