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  2. Paypal

    Date: February 12, 2018 Dear players! Donate through the payment system is again available to players. Regards, RF-RedStar Administration
  3. Missing shiled Miller

    Hi Rea, have not you figured out that it's an open server just for collecting small change? As for me I left 20 days ago, and as far as I know I'm not the only one ... in fact I'll tell you more I'm sure that soon they will cancel my answer or even the whole post as already happened before ... Hello. Ciao Rea, non hai ancora capito che è un server aperto solo per raccogliere spiccioli? Per quanto mi riguarda io sono andato via 20 giorni fa, e a quanto ne so non sono il solo... anzi ti dirò di più sono sicuro che presto cancelleranno la mia risposta o addirittura l'intero post come già accaduto in precedenza... ciao.
  4. Acc Specialist Gard Tower

    Thank you
  5. Acc Specialist Gard Tower

    on rare tools hq
  6. Hello I have a question. To set up a Gard Tower I need energy catalysts. Where can I get them ?
  7. Missing shiled Miller

    hi, i'd like to have an answer to my previus qestion. this server loosing many members from missing Gm, we are only at the start and u don't replay to anyone ... pls fix error or just let us know that u are working on, or just tell us if this is the server concept...
  8. Experience inside MAU

    Actually, you can PL with ur MAU, find LH and your char will get EXP. Try trapper PL for comparison ^^
  9. I use this client (pure RF Red Star), update it, play it. But after about 15minutes, i got DC. Those repeat and irritating me. My network is fine. Thanks before and after
  10. One million posts

  11. Missing shiled Miller

    Hi, I need to know where are Shiled Miller, Mob for 3 part of Animus blessing quest, couse i see many elf at elan and no shiled miller. i really need it to power up my anymous if u can't put back this mob give us another way to get tose blessing pls answer fast Best Regard, Rea
  12. Hello Zeon. I'm DooM, I'm almost the only Bellato in your server. I'm playing as driver, and it is very hard to play alone. I don't have tanker to help leveling. As spec, I'm having a very bad experience to leveling in your server. I would like to ask Redstar team to allow MAU experience. If it is possible to gain experience inside MAU, probably more people will want to play as Bellato in your server. I'm like 1 week without playing because it is very sad to play in an empty race. So, could you guys from administration turn on the leveling inside MAU? That for sure will make me go back and play your server. Otherwise, no one will play as Bellato. This will be a 2 races server. Thanks.
  13. Loot

    Thanks for the info, we will try to fix this error as soon as possible
  14. Loot

    GM fix PB loot its complete garbage, u end up wasting more than you get since turrets are pretty expensive, can you fix this issue because its getting annoying.
  15. if it was so simple - I didn't ask. You receive an error message like this: " Error information transfer about the quest"
  16. create guild

    dont think needed 39-40. need 10llv range in party thats mean 33-43 if reen in party
  17. You need to press the button PICK. Then the quest will be picked. There is nothing wrong there.
  18. create guild

    need lvl 39-40 player for party full...
  19. leveling

    thats why I stop play for bellato
  20. create guild

    Good day and a happy new year I am the Maoam.I hope all of you are fine. It would be nice if we could open another guild this week. because my english is not so good and I have to work again, I'm no good as a guild leader. think about who is making the guild leader. we'll see each other in the game
  21. Dear players! I wish you a Happy New Year, That there was happiness at the gate, For the magic to reign, What a fairy tale for children is given! So that the Dog guarded you correctly And a whole year he accompanied, To lead only a better path, Where happiness, joy and peace, Where the fairy tale wanders without fear, Where Santa Claus, Snegurka, Prince, Deer of wondrous beauty, Where dreams come true! Regards, RF-RedStar Administration
  22. Im using mac if wine applications to run the game, but after instal and update and check files the messege apers when i open the game img link http://prntscr.com/hufdrl wht can i do?
  23. can't take the quest Cora's plot! how to fix it?
  24. leveling

    checked - can't
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